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4.78 rating based on 67 reviews.


The Clean Vape

Loops is our take on the tasty cereal. Light fruity notes, citrus, cereal flavor and a light milk to round it all off. This one will bring you back to your childhood!

WARNING: This product can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Reviews for Loops

4.78 rating based on 67 reviews.


It's Fruit Loops!!

This tastes exactly like the cereal!! That being said, I was surprised how much I LOVED to vape it because it tasted so much like the cereal. I love the cereal, but I didn't think it would be great to vape. NOT TRUE! This is absolutely great!! All day, everyday!





Favorite juice

Love the loops it's all I vape and nothing I get at a vape shop even compares to how good it tastes. Tastes exactly like fruit loops and my coil lasts forevvvvvver.


Loops taste great

Always for and consistent tasting. Order 2 and free shipping which only takes a couple days.


Decent for a few tanks

It definitely is a good loops vape. I just can't vape more than a few tanks of it. It got great reviews and I see why.



There is a reason Loops has great reviews... because it's delicious and smooth and easily in my top 3 favorites (although, all top 3 are from The Clean Vape). I love this juice! I love this company! I love how perfect the juices taste. Never overly sweet, never chemical-y tasting... Just delicious, satisfying juices that you can vape all day. :)


Real cereal flavor

This is my favorite flavor! Delicious!



Definitely my favourite flavour ejuice!


Great flavor

Best fruit cereal flavor


Best e-liquid I've ever tried

Super high quality, no bad chemicals or artificial sweeteners and the taste is amazing. I've been vaping nothing but this for weeks and still love it.