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4.00 rating based on 7 reviews.


The Clean Vape

Nicotine Salts Liquid

BkfstPod is our take on a delicious breakfast treat made with nicotine salts. Light notes of french toast, heavy on the maple syrup to create a sweet tasty vape. 

WARNING: These are not meant to be used with your standard vape device as the nicotine content is too high. These are made to be used ONLY with pod based vape devices. This is meant to be used with hacked Juul pods, UWell Caliburns and other similar pod devices.

They come in 45mg and 25mg options.

60%VG / 40% PG

Reviews for BkfstPod

4.00 rating based on 7 reviews.


Good flavor, doesn't burn

These are the best juices I've been able to find! No burning taste


Best pod

It's ok didn't get alot of flavor from this one but it's still good


was good enough

Not their best flavor, but a nice change of pace


Nice vape

I like the taste, good at any time of the day


Love it

Awesome mapley flavor.


Little Bit of Throat Hit

A bit of throat hit when vaped alone, but not bad. Has good flavor, similar to maple syrup. Sometimes I mix it with apple to tone down or give it a smoother flavor. I have also mixed with mango but throat hit is still a bit harsh when those two are mixed. Still a repeat customer of this!


Bottle came leaking

Bottle had leaked but I live at altitude so maybe that was it. Otherwise great