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4.20 rating based on 10 reviews.


The Clean Vape

Nicotine Salts Liquid

BaccoPod is a blend of tobacco with a light caramel note.

WARNING: These are not meant to be used with your standard vape device as the nicotine content is too high. These are made to be used ONLY with pod based vape devices. This is meant to be used with hacked Juul pods, UWell Caliburns and other similar pod devices.

They come in 45mg and 25mg options.

60%VG / 40% PG

Reviews for BaccoPod

4.20 rating based on 10 reviews.


Nice clean caramel tobacco taste

Quick delivery great product smooth rich flavor. All good


Baccy pod

Nice and smooth light caramel taste with tobacco


V. Pleased

This stuff is so much cleaner and thinner than what I've obtained from my local shop. The buying experience was very easy. I run it through name brand pods by refilling them, this method is much more economical. Thanks Clean Vapes!


Pretty good!

I'd love a little more cream flavor, but overall quite nice !


The Salt liquids are awesome!

The BacoPod flavor was good, I think I'll be getting some more soon. It has a subtle flavor for a tobacco liquid which is really a good thing in my opinion. That's what I was looking for, something simple. I think this is a pretty good one for those who like a baccy flavor.


It's an acquired taste.

I have never tried a tobacco flavor before, I bought it out of pure curiosity. It is definitely an acquired taste, I can't seem to decide if I like it, or hate it.


Great flavor

I really love this caramel tobacco flavor. I can taste both flavors but the tobacco doesn't overpower the caramel. I like just a hint of flavor so this is perfect mixed with unflavored nic salt juice.


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My New Go-To

This flavor is awesome. While the description says that tobacco is the primary flavor, I found that the caramel flavor seemed to act as the base that carried the hint of tobacco. It tastes like a finely cured, RYO blend of tobacco (e.g. Peter Stokkebye), and, as such, it's the perfect juice for someone like me who's quitting combustion. I was using Mr. Salte Mint Pod juice prior to this, which is formulated, according to their marketing, to be extra smooth. Well, Mr. Salte got nothin' on TheCleanVape! This is the smoothest, cleanest juice that I've ever had. 10/10 will be buying again.



Not such a fan but someone who really enjoys tobacco flavor might enjoy this.