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4.78 rating based on 18 reviews.


The Clean Vape

Nicotine Salts Liquid

ApplePod is a simple and delicious blend of red apples with nicotine salts.

WARNING: These are not meant to be used with your standard vape device as the nicotine content is too high. These are made to be used ONLY with pod based vape devices. This is meant to be used with hacked Juul pods, UWell Caliburns and other similar pod devices.

They come in 45mg and 25mg options.

60%VG / 40% PG

Reviews for ApplePod

4.78 rating based on 18 reviews.



Very apple


Apple nic salts

Love it! So refreshing!


Game changer!

I had recently switched from cigarettes to vaping a couple months ago and was having problems with other juices leaving a terrible feeling in my throat and chest so I sought after a cleaner juice and came across clean vape, I cannot be more happier that I did. Amazing flavor, and a very clean feel, the juice almost looks like water it’s so clear! It’s clean enough that it even helps my pods last longer! I will never go back to any other juice! I was so happy I got one for my boyfriend and the sampler pack as well to try other flavors. Best juice on the market hands down


Nice, mellow flavor

Lightly fruity flavor. Mixes well with other flavors.


Apple vape juice

I love it! Like all the juices from this brand it's not overwhelmingly sweet and never leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth. The apple taste is like a gentle fuji.


Great product

Very smooth and clean with great taste


Tastes Delicious! No Nasty Aftertaste and No Sugary Residue

I searched high and low for a clean vape juice. I was addicted to a watermelon, apple, strawberry juice that was way too sugary and was destroying my pods (think a pod a day) Now my pods last at least four days and this apple gives me all of the flavor I miss from my previous juice. Other Apple flavors that I have purchased in the past had a terrible household cleaner after taste. This one is simply APPLE. I would say its more like a pink lady, gala or red apple flavor. So if you're looking for a green apple flavor, this is not a sour flavor at all. Just straight up Apple.


Not for me

Taste like apple household cleaner, or soap.


Just like biting into a fresh apple

Just like biting into a fresh apple


Good clean, subtle taste

This has a good, albeit subtle flavor. Doesn't gunk up my pods which is great. I will say that I can barely distinguish between the apple and mango flavors, especially after being used to normal nic salt juices where they are sometimes overwhelming in their artificial flavor/sweetness. These are good juices that you don't get sick of, doesn't cause any weird wheezing or throat soreness, and helps extend the life of your pods/coils.