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Vape Stores Closed Due to Corona Virus in your area?

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With the Corona Virus (COVID-19) concerns spreading across the world, many areas are going into different levels of lock-down.

Being in California, we are seeing it first hand with stores being ordered to close down. If you're in an affected area with vape shops closing down nearby, look no further and you can order online from us directly and have the products shipped directly to your door.

Vape stores in the LA area have closed recently and we just wanted to write this post as a status update which we will update with information as we move along.

We are still open and have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that everything is being done safely and you can still order vape juice online and have it delivered to you as necessary.

We have plans in place in the event that we can't go to our office building in order to fulfill orders. 

As long as the US Post Office is open, we will be sending out shipments on time and as usual. Our standard processing time of within 24 hours is still valid.

Staff on hand right now are myself (the CEO) and my wife helping out. We are keeping operations running with the two of us to ensure that no outside contact is made in our premises. 

No public enter our areas and they never have.

Thanks for your continued support and we will continue to do our best to serve your needs as customers.

March 20 Update: OPEN

March 24 Update: OPEN

April 6 Update: OPEN

April 17 Update: OPEN

April 23 Update: OPEN



Vape Stores Closed Due to Corona Virus in your area?

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