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The Vape Glossary - Terminology for Vapers

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Vape Terminology and Glossary

If you're getting into vaping, understanding it all can be quite difficult. We put together this glossary to help you better understand everything about vaping and electronic cigarettes. By going through this glossary, you'll have a better understanding of vaping, electronic cigarettes, e liquid and everything there is to know about the subject.



Acetyl Propionyl

A chemical compound used in flavoring that has a similar makeup to Diacetyl. It can also  convert into Diacetyl. This has been associated with Popcorn Lung. All of The Clean Vape E-Liquids are formulated without Acetyl Propionyl. (Read more: Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin and Vaping, )


The amount of air being supplied to the coils and your atomizer. The airflow determines how airy the draw will feel when you inhale on your device and it will also effect the amount of vapor production you get. More airflow has the potential to result in more vapor production by allowing you to turn up your wattage higher.

All Day Vape

The E-Liquid that you can use and vape on all day without feeling like you have to change it. Some flavors become tiring on the taste buds, but the all day vapes you find are the ones that you can keep vaping non stop!


The atomizer is the part of your vape setup which includes the coils, wicks, etc and is the aspect of the device where liquid is heated up and turned into vapor.


Coils are the heating elements inside the atomizers. The coils heat up and vaporize the liquid that is on the wick.


Diacetyl is a flavoring used in some e-liquid production for it’s buttery flavor. Has been linked to Bronchiolitis obliterans (otherwise known as Popcorn Lung) if inhaled in large concentrations(has not yet happened in vaping). All of The Clean Vape liquids are formulated without Diacetyl.

Direct Lung Inhale

A direct lung inhale typically refers to a type of inhaling that is more airy. There is a lot of airflow which results in more vapor production and an airy draw when you are inhaling on the drip tip.

Drip Tip

The part of the atomizer where you inhale from and put your mouth on.


Can be used to signify the action of dripping liquid into your atomizer(see RDA).

Dry Hit

Might be the worst thing you can experience in vaping. This is when you try to take a hit off of your e-cig device and the atomizer isn’t wicked properly. What results is a foul taste from the wick slightly burning and there being not enough e-liquid supplied to the coils.

E Juice

Can be used to identify the liquid that is used for vaping and electronic cigarettes. 

E Liquid

Can be used to identify the liquid that is used for vaping and electronic cigarettes.


A phenomena that can occur in tank atomizers where there is too much liquid inside the atomizer chamber which can cause a gurgling or juice making it’s way into your mouth.


Slang term that can be used to identify the liquid that is used for vaping and electronic cigarettes.

Mouth To Lung Inhale

Mouth to lung inhaling is a type of inhaling that can be likened to cigarettes. A tight draw, not as much vapor that isn’t very airy and it packs more of a throat hit.


A measure of electrical resistance. A lower number shows less resistance and easier and faster heating. This doesn’t necessarily mean lower is better and some people prefer higher-ohm setups.

Pod Devices

Pod devices are small mouth-to-lung vape devices which are generally low wattage and are usually used with salt nicotine liquids. They provide less vapor than sub-ohm devices and are more like a cigarette. Tighter draw, less smoke and can use higher nicotine(salt nicotine) liquids. If you're interested in a direct replacement for cigarettes, pod devices are an easy transition away from cigarettes and into vaping. You can check out our collection of salt nicotine liquids.

Propylene Glycol

An ingredient used in vaping which has been used in medical inhalers for years. It is a chemical compound which does a great job of retaining and increasing flavor in e-liquid.  It also has more throat hit than Vegetable Glycerin.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

A type of atomizer that is rebuildable and you have to drip onto the wicks or cotton directly. There is no tank to hold liquid.

RTA(Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

A type of atomizer that is rebuildable but also is a tank. It holds liquid in the chamber/tank and feeds the liquid down to the coils. These types of tanks require you to build the coils and set up the wicks yourselves instead of buying pre-made coils. A lot of tanks these days have both options, where you can choose to buy a rebuildable coil setup for your tank or just buy pre-made coils that you replace.

Salt Nicotine

Salt nicotine or nicotine salts are a special kind of nicotine which were introduced into the vaping market primarily for pod devices. They allow you to use a higher nicotine percentage liquid while remaining smooth. They are smoother and more effective than standard nicotine. They enter the blood stream faster. Salt Nicotine is used in the popular Juul devices and similar pod devices.


The process of maturing liquids through different methods to modify the flavor of the E-Liquid.


The action of inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette and exhaling the vapor. It is the equivalent of smoking in the vaping world.

Vape Juice

Another name for the liquid which is used in vaping. See also E Juice and E Liquid. Vape juice with nicotine and without nicotine are both available.

Vapor Production

The amount of vapor that is being produced by the E-Liquid you’re using along with the setup of your device.

Vegetable Glycerin

This is an ingredient in E-Liquid that comprises the majority of most E-Liquid. It provides the majority of the vapor output and as a slight sweet taste to it. It is an organic compound that is derived from plant oils.


A unit of power that is used to change the amount of heat being supplied to your atomizer.


Currently the most common used wick is cotton, it is the piece that supplies the liquid to the coils inside the atomizers. The wicks act as a draw to absorb liquid and pull them to the coils so they can be vaporize.

The Vape Glossary - Terminology for Vapers

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