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Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung - The different vaping styles

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If you’re new to vaping you may have come across the terms “mouth hit” or “lung hit” and scratched your head at what these terms mean, and more importantly, which category you fall under. Let’s take a look at each of these inhalation methods…

Mouth to Lung inhalation

Mouth to lung inhalation is when you inhale the vapor into your mouth before it is inhaled into your lungs. If you’ve recently switched over from traditional cigarettes, it’s more than likely this is the method you are used to. Think of this like drinking, the liquid usually stays in the mouth for a moment before being swallowed. 


  • More control over the amount of vapor going into the lungs
  • The flavor of your E-Liquid comes through more since the vapor saturates the taste buds
  • It is a more useful way to quit traditional cigarettes, as it mimics traditional smoking effectively.


  • Vapor production. Your mouth cannot hold as much vapor as your lungs, therefore the vapor production will be much less using this method.
  • The hits may be underwhelming. Since the lungs are not getting as much nicotine, it may be underwhelming at first, especially if coming from traditional cigarettes. As a result you will have to use a higher nicotine E-Liquid.

Direct to Lung inhalation

Direct to lung inhalation is when vapor goes directly into your lungs. Think of this like breathing, air is never held in the mouth before breathing it into the lungs. This method is popular among those who like to produce large clouds of vapor.


  • Vapor production. As stated above, the lungs are capable of holding much more vapor than the mouth, so this method will produce larger clouds of vapor.
  • More satisfying hits. Since there is much more vapor going into the lungs, if you’re vaping E-Liquid with nicotine the hits will be much stronger.


  • Hits can be overwhelming if too much vapor is taken in.
  • Harder for traditional cigarette users to begin vaping using this method.
  • Recommended to use E-juice with lower nicotine content.

The Setup

  • If your tank has a tight air flow it will be best suited for a mouth to lung method, as it mimics the draw of a cigarette.
  • If your tank has an adjustable or loose air flow, it’s best suited for direct to lung hits.


The Clean Vape offers Vaporesso Cascade Starter kit for mouth to lung inhalation, and the UWell Caliburn for direct to lung inhalation and nicotine salts. There are also many other variations of setups you can find from various online retailers. 

You may be asking “Which method is better?”… In truth, there is no better method, just the method that best suits you. Happy Vaping!

Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung - The different vaping styles

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