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How to properly store your vape liquids for the long term

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With The Clean Vape closing on September 9, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how to properly store their bulk e liquids so they can stay fresh in the long term. If you follow these principles laid out in this email, you shouldn't have any issues storing the liquids up to one year.

The main thing to consider is the nicotine. Nicotine can degrade due to exposure to air, heat and light.

We will be following special preparations when bottling your bulk e-liquid and nicotine salt orders. All of the bulk bottles will be made fresh, filled in bottles and properly degassed and sealed before being shipped.

Degassing the bottles ensures there is no excess oxygen in the bottle which can degrade the nicotine and liquids.

When you receive your bottles, you need to follow these guidelines:

1) Store the bottles in a cool and dark place.

2) Don't let excess oxygen inside of the bottles.

You can do #2 by doing the following:

  • Ensuring that you only open one bottle at a time. If you have multiple flavors you purchased, open them as necessary and ensure you properly store each bottle afterwards.
  • Use smaller bottles that you transfer liquids to, which you will be using for a daily/weekly basis. The large bottle will be kept as a reserve, and not the main bottle which you open and close every day.
  • After opening the large bottle and getting the liquid you need, degas this bottle and properly seal the cap.
  • Store back in a cool and dark place.

How do I degas the bottles?

We recommend using the "Private Reserve Wine Preservation System" which can be found on Amazon here:

It's affordable and effective. For best results, you should follow the instructions on the bottle.

All of the bottles will come degassed, but the above process laid out in #2 should be repeated any time you open the large bottles.

This information will also be available in a small booklet which will start coming with every order once we receive them from our print shop.

How to properly store your vape liquids for the long term

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