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How To Steep Vape Juice - The guide to E Juice Steeping

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How do you steep Vape Juice?

What is steeping E Juice?

Steeping is a term used in E-Liquid to age the juice so that the flavor matures. Some flavors require long steeping times to fully represent the true flavor of the liquid, while others don’t require much time or any time at all.

Some of this is also just based on personal tastes, how we perceive taste is different person to person. Someone may like a certain juice aged for 2 weeks while another person may not care and may even prefer it fresh.

When it comes to steeping there are a lot of methods and discussions regarding how to speed this process up, make it more efficient, make the flavors better, etc. In our studies we have found that the best way to steep juices is to naturally let them age unless you have the resources to actually steep things in a more professional manner.

There have been strategies of leaving caps open on bottles, heating liquids, etc. Some of these methods may improve a juice, but at other times they can also alter the flavor negatively.  

Steeping Vape Juice by Breathing

Leaving the caps open and allowing the juice to “breathe” allows certain flavor molecules to escape from the juice which at times can remove harsh flavor notes or even evaporate ethyl alcohol in certain flavors. We don’t recommend doing this with all juices, but there may be some cases where this would be appropriate. If the juice has a very harsh element to it in terms of flavor or there is an alcohol note, breathing the juice may be a valid method to help alleviate those qualities in the juice, but you may also lose other flavor notes that are in the juice as a result as well. With The Clean Vape juices, we don’t recommend breathing(leaving the cap open) any of the juices.

Steeping E Liquid by Warm Bath

Another method people employ is to use a hot water bath for the E Liquid. They get some hot water and leave a bottle in the hot water for 15-30 minutes. Then you can take the bottle out of the hot water and shake it vigorously so the liquids becomes well mixed. Then let the bottle sit for 10-15 minutes until it cools. This can get some of the harsh notes out of a liquid as well, and can speed up the steeping process as well. This can help on some liquids which require long steeping times and don't taste right when you first receive them. This used to be a very popular method of steeping liquids, as often liquids would arrive you in your mailbox tasting too harsh. 

We don't recommend using the warm bath steeping for Clean Vape E Liquids.

Steeping E Liquid the Natural Way

The easiest course of action we recommend is to try the juice when you receive it. Vape on it a little bit and see if you like it. If you like it as it is, keep vaping! If you don’t, put it aside in a drawer or cabinet and let it sit for a week. Try it again. If you like it, just start vaping it! If you still don’t like it, let it sit another week and come back to it again. If after the second week you don’t enjoy it, it may just be a flavor profile that you don’t enjoy.  There are some flavor profiles that need over a month to reach full maturity and flavor, but this isn’t very common and isn't an issue in any of the juices we have here at The Clean Vape.

Which flavors benefit from steeping?

The flavors that generally need steeping time are the creams, custards, or rich dessert flavors. These flavors take some more time to fully mold together and MAY require longer steep times, though it is not always the case. Fruity flavors tend to be ready to go as soon as you purchase them and don’t require steeping.

With our flavors at The Clean Vape, we haven’t found any feedback that has suggested that any of our flavors require steeping. Some of our customers prefer to steep certain juices, while others prefer them right out of the package.

Flavors that may benefit from steeping based on personal preference in The Clean Vape line of E liquids are listed below:

  • Loops
  • Creamy Tiramisu
  • Chocolate PB&J
  • Puffs
  • Bread Pudding
  • Pound Cake

The rest of the E Liquids that we sell should be ready to go as you get them!


Steeping vape juice can be very much a personal thing in E-Liquid as it is dependent on each individual and their taste buds. Take the information for what it’s worth and find out what is best for you.

How To Steep Vape Juice - The guide to E Juice Steeping

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