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How to Refill Phix Pods

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Learn how to refill PHIX pods

>With a few simple steps, you will be able to refill your PHIX pods and get more value out of your phix pod mod!

The PHIX has two types of pods

There are two versions of pods on the market right now for PHIX devices. Below we outline how to refill phix pods in both of these versions and get more out of each of your PHIX pods and save some money!

Identifying your phix pod

The easiest way to identify which approach you need to take is to just assume that you're going to try Method 1 outlined below. You go with the top cap approach first and assume that is how you're going to refill your device. This is just the easiest way we have found. Why? The top-cap approach is how their latest pods are being made, even though the approach can vary even inside a pod sample pack.

Opening the bottom cap on a top-cap phix pod can lead to complications, because the coils are attached to the bottom cap on the newer pods. This may possibly result in damaging that pod, so we have decided this is the safest approach with the information that we have thus far.

Method 1 - Refill Phix Pods

This guide is going to outline how to hack your PHIX pod for the 2nd generation of pods. We're going with Method 1 as the name, because this is what we recommend trying first.

We recommend getting a small flat head screw driver and pushing into the plastic top cap as pictured above. We have found it to be easiest to just break a small slit into it at this point, otherwise the top cap is very difficult to take off. It's pretty easy to break, just push on it with the screw driver and it will break. You should now be able to pop off the top cap with your hand or the screw driver.

Once you pop off the cap, you should see a piece of rubber covering fill holes as shown below.

Now all you have left to do is pop off the rubber piece, which exposes the fill holes. Fill your favorite salt nicotine juice in there, put the rubber cover and top cap back on and you're ready to vape!

Method 2 - Refilling Phix Pods

If you opened the top cap and didn't see the rubber cover on the top, that means you have an older style pod that has to be refilled through the bottom. We outline how to refill these older pods below.

This method is a little harder and requires you to be a little more careful. On the bottom of the pods, there are these grooves where you can stick a small screw driver in to pop off the bottom metal cap. it takes some force, but they do come off! The picture below outlines the point of contact we are talking about.

You have to pry at it from both sides until the metal cap comes off. This part can be a bit stressful, but just hang in there! Once you take the metal cap off, you're going to need to pry off the bottom plate as shown below.

Once you pull that out, you will see a bed of cotton on the inside. This part you need to be careful so that you don't rip the cotton. We use the small screwdriver again and gently pull one side of the cotton up and out of the way. Once you do so, it will expose the fill hole. 

You then fill your salt nicotine juice. Put it all back together in the reverse order and you're ready to go!

How to Refill Phix Pods

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