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How to prime a coil - The guide to prevent your vape from tasting burned

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After trying vaping, it's inevitable that at some point you'll get a nasty dry hit that just tastes terrible. You'll get the taste of burned cotton and it's something that will leave you scared to make sure that it never happens again. In this guide we're going to go over how to prime your coils properly so that your vape will produce the best flavor out of your coils and vape setup.

How to prevent dry burned hits in a tank Setup


If you're using a tank on a vape device, you have to ensure that you follow the appropriate steps to ensure that the cotton is properly saturated in vape liquid so that you can get the best flavor out of your coils and not burn out your coils and get bad flavor.

Whenever you get a new coil for your tank, you want to inspect it and you'll see pieces of cotton exposed around it with small slits opening around the coil exposing the cotton. You want to get some of your e liquid that you plan to vape and saturate the cotton around these slits. 

Then you'll look inside the coil and you'll see the cotton wrapped around the inside of the coil. Grab your bottle of vape liquid and lightly saturate the cotton on the inside as well. You want to make sure it's lightly saturated, but don't overdo it as it will cause problems later.

Once you've properly saturated all the cotton that you can see, you want to screw it into your tank and fill up your tank with e liquid to the maximum fill capacity.

Once the liquid is filled in the tank, you want to let it sit for 10 minutes. This lets the vape liquid properly saturate the cotton and make sure that you won't have a dry hit. After 10 minutes, it should be ready to go. Just ensure that you have the proper wattage set for your device so that you don't overheat it and burn the coil.

Sometimes you get unlucky and you have a bad coil off the get-go due to manufacturing errors and unfortunately there's not much you can do in that situation, but if you follow these guidelines you will increase your success rate of getting the best flavor out of your coils.

Wattage and vape setup to prevent burnt vape flavors

Now that the coil is properly wicked and saturated, you want to make sure that you're using the appropriate wattage on your device for the specific coils and tank that you have. Generally there is a wattage range specified on the coils and at times they are overstated. 

We personally recommend starting at the lowest recommended range and adjusting from there to your personal preference. Each tank will have a limit, so just keep that in mind.

Some other factors to consider are that the device may function fine at your wattage for a few hits then the flavor will start to get worse. Usually this means that the tank isn't properly wicking the vape liquid to the cotton. This is one limiting factor that can be easily overlooked. The tank has to supply enough liquid to the cotton so that it can stay saturated. If your wattage is too high, it may be using more liquid than it is possibly getting in supply from your tank. You will have to do a little bit of trial and error so that you can find a wattage that produces the flavor and vapor production you want, while also allowing the tank to properly saturate the cotton.

Also keep in mind that how frequently you pick up your vape and take a hit back to back to back will effect it's ability to wick the liquids properly to the cotton. If you are constantly vaping out of your device, it will have less "recharge" time to properly saturate the wicks and this will determine how high of a wattage you can take your device as well. If you find that it's not properly wicking, you may just need to slow down a little bit after 5-10 hits and let it sit for a moment so that it properly wicks.

Pod Devices and burnt flavors


For pod devices it's generally a similar process, except you don't have access to the bare cotton to manually prime the cotton. The recommended practice is to fill the cartridge to the fill limit with your salt nicotine liquids. With the cartridge not attached to the battery(so that it doesn't produce vapor and ruin your cartridge/coils) you can take a few drags from the cartridge so that it will get the liquids flowing to the cotton. Just be positive that the battery is not connected otherwise you ruined that cartridge.

Once you do that a few times, you want to let the cartridge sit for 10-15 minutes and you should be good to go.

Generally you will only need to wait 10-15 minutes only on the first time you fill a brand new cartridge. When you refill the device, the cotton should already be properly saturated and it won't need this down-time to make sure it's well wicked.

Burnt flavors and Dripping Atomizers

With dripping atomizers you have access to the cotton and coils directly and you completely control how much vape liquids go on your wicks in a manual process.

When you have a new coil set up in your dripping atomizer(RDA) you want to coat the cotton with e liquid completely along with the coils. Make sure it's properly coated in vape juice and doesn't appear dry at all. You can then fire your vape and reapply liquid to your cotton and coils. You can do this a few times to get the cotton broken in. Once you do that a few times, apply vape liquid to the cotton and coils again and make sure it's well saturated and not dry in any area and vape to your hearts content. Just make sure that you properly reapply vape liquid to the cotton every 2-5 hits to ensure they stay saturated. This is a manual process with RDAs!


This is less complicated than it seems once you have an understanding and we outlined the best way to do this in this guide so that you can avoid having any problems. We recommend waiting as long as we do, just to be safe, because once you ruin the coils and the cotton is burnt there is no coming back from that. The burned cotton taste will remain in the coils generally and you have to swap in a new coil.

How to prime a coil - The guide to prevent your vape from tasting burned

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