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Flavor Transitions - How to switch vape flavors without changing coils

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Flavor Classifications

When you're using a tank, you don't always want to swap out a new coil and waste your coils just to vape a different flavor, which brought us to the conclusion of creating this article.

Some flavors linger in the wicks worse than other flavors, so we're going to classify all of our flavors by three categories of light, medium and heavy in terms of how much the flavor lingers in the wick. We're also going to then suggest different situations and the best way to transition from different sets of flavors as an example.

Generally you want to transition from one fruity flavor to another fruity flavor or one dessert to another dessert, but there are ways to work around this as well which will be shown in the examples. It's easier to go from a fruity flavor to a dessert flavor than the other way around.


The light category is for flavors that are flavors from out catalog that don't linger in the cotton that much, allowing you to transition away to a different flavor faster without changing the wicks.

Fruity Flavors
  • Thorny Strapple
  • Water Malone - Water Malone does really well as an initial flavor, as it's a pretty light flavor. If you even do have any residual taste after switching to another flavor, it will mix well with any of our other fruity flavors.
  • Dragonberry Kiwi
Sweet/Dessert Flavors
  • Pound Cake - Pound cake is actually a good flavor to start with, as it mixes well with many other dessert flavors. It has a creaminess and cake flavor that will mix well with many other different flavors that you switch to afterwards.
  • Buttery Nipple


The medium flavors are a little harder to transition away from, unless you go into a stronger flavor.

Fruity Flavors Sweet/Dessert Flavors
  • Strawberry Custard - Strawberry Custard isn't really a light flavor, but it mixes well with many other dessert flavors if there is any lingering flavor. The strawberry flavor will usually fade away any residual cream/custard flavor will mix well into any of our other dessert flavors.
  • French Toast
  • Cinnamon Custard
  • Chocolate PB&J - This is one of the flavors that you can switch into from some of our fruity flavors. For example you  can switch from Thorny Strapple into this and any residual flavor(if any) will blend into the strawberry flavor present in this mix.
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Gramberry - This flavor also works well with some of our fruity flavors. If you happened to have Thorny Strapple or Water Ranchr and want to switch into Gramberry, it won't be  a problem as any residual flavor will blend into the strawberry present in Gramberry.
  • Apple Butter - This flavor can easily be easily switched into from Thorny Strapple, as Apple is also present in this mix. Can also work with Strawberry Custard or French Toast.


Heavy flavors tend to linger in the wicks and are harder to transition away from.

Fruity Flavors Sweet/Dessert Flavors
  • Puffs - Could work with Chocolate PB&J as the next flavor, but this has a much more prominent chocolate flavor. If you want to bring out more chocolate in Chocolate PB&J, you could transition into Chocolate PB&J after vaping Puffs.
  • Nana Butter
  • Bread Pudding
  • Creamy Tiramisu

Different transition examples

Generally you want to go from Light to medium to heavy flavors and stick to the same flavor category(fruity, dessert), but there are ways to work around this and we will show some examples of how this could work. Keeping the contents of the flavors in the mix will help you come up with different variations that can work pretty well.

Example 1 - Apple butter, Thorny Strapple, Loops, Gramberry

You have Thorny Strapple, Apple Butter, Gramberry and Loops. How do you try out all of the flavors without changing your wicks or your coil(if you're using a tank).

In this case, you would start with Thorny Strapple, then Apple Butter, then Gramberry and lastly Loops. 

If you're thinking of why, lets think of the different flavors. Thorny Strapple has a lot of apple flavor, so transitioning into Apple Butter(once the Thorny Srapple flavor fades away) won't be much of a problem, as they share a common ingredient anyway. Any residual flavor left in the wicks will transition into the next flavor. 

Transitioning from Apple Butter to Gramberry isn't a huge change as well. Apple in this case will fade away mostly and the strawberry from Gramberry will mask this flavor. The apple should somewhat blend into the Strawberry anyway. The cinnamon cream note in Apple butter will compliment and blend into Gramberry as well.

Gramberry into Loops is a little different, but most of the Gramberry notes will fade away and Loops is a strong flavor. The strawberry in Gramberry will compliment the loops(which has some strawberry in it). The cream bases are similar in both flavors and they both have cereal like flavor notes, allowing this transition to happen smoothly.

Example 2 - Cookies & Cream, Pound Cake, Bread Pudding, Creamy Tiramisu

In this case, we're trying out all dessert flavors. In what way will this work best?

In this case, we'd start with Pound Cake. This is a buttery cake flavor that can be mixed well into many other dessert flavors.

Next we'd go for the Cookies & Cream. This is mainly a cream flavor with a little bit of chocolate flavor coming through as well. Next would be Bread Pudding, this is a dessert flavor with cream and chocolate notes as well, though they are vastly different, it will transition pretty smoothly as they share some flavor notes.

Creamy Tiramisu would be the last flavor and it will work with any of the previously aforementioned flavors. Creamy Tiramisu has cake , cream, chocolate and Coffee flavor notes. Most of these are present in the other flavors, allowing any residual flavor to blend in very easily..

Example 3 - Breezy Mangelon, Ice Strapple, Purple Ice

In this case, we're trying out all of the menthols.

The best start would be Ice Strapple, due to it's light nature. Then Breezy Mangelon and lastly Purple Ice.


Of course there are many other examples to be made, as there are so many different possible combinations. We hope this gives you some kind of an idea of how to try out your sample packs with less hassle!

Flavor Transitions - How to switch vape flavors without changing coils

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