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Coronavirus impact on vaping

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With a lot of attention on the Corona Virus(COVID-19), we decided to make this post to highlight the impact this is having on the vaping industry.

The majority of vape devices are manufactured in China and this has caused an inability for many companies nationwide to have a shortage of vape devices available for purchase. 

Devices & Accessories

Currently our suppliers are all out of stock on the most popular devices and accessories for vape supplies.

As manufacturing facilities are impacted in China due to the virus, we don't know when new supplies will be available.

Any stock that is currently available at vape stores will be what you will have access to until the virus slows down and manufacturing is back open. Even then, it might take some time as facilities will have to pump out new inventory and distributors will have slim pickings to then resell to stores such as ourselves.

If you're looking to stock up on replacement cartridges or pods for your devices, we recommend doing so ASAP as right now the industry is unaware when we will be able to get more supplies.

E Liquid 

Fortunately there is no impact on E Liquid products or manufacturing, as none of these products are coming out of China. So there are no concerns about the supply chain on this front unless things spiral out of control in America as well.

Coronavirus impact on vaping

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