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Analysis of Coils - The different coils for vaping - Twisted Coils, Claptons & more.

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General Coil Information

The majority of atomizers on the market have a variety of different coils you can purchase. We broke down the different options and their benefits

Sub-Ohm coils(less than 1.0 ohms)

Sub ohm coils generally can allow for higher wattage uses on the atomizer which allows more vapor production. They also have a shorter ramp-up time, meaning the coils will heat up at a faster pace and won’t have as much of a delay. For a Direct Lung inhale, you will prefer a sub-ohm coil with the airflow control open. Direct lung inhale is generally done with Vape Juice / E Liquid.

Ohm Coils(1.0ohms or higher)

Higher ohm coils generally require less wattage than their sub-ohm counterparts. They also have a longer delay in ramp-up time(sometimes not very noticeable). Since they don’t require as much wattage to operate optimally they also use less battery life. For a mouth-to-lung inhale you may prefer a higher ohm’d coil with the airflow control restricted.

The difference in these setups can also effect the flavor. Currently Sub-Ohm coils are more popular, but it comes down to personal preference! Trying both options out will allow you to find out what setup works best for you.

Update: As of 3/4/2019 ohm coils have now become more popular with the pod-based devices that have become super popular. 1ohm+ coils are generally what are used for nicotine salts liquids

Specialty Coils

Clapton Coils

clapton coils

Clapton coils are specialty coils which have a wire, with another wire wrapped around it. Clapton coils increase the surface area for better wicking and increased flavor. Compared to a standard macro or micro coil, clapton coils typically have better flavor. Due to the extra wire in Clapton Coil setups, they have a longer ramp up time than standard coils which can be off-putting for some people. Thicker wires that have been used to create clapton coils will increase this ramp up time even more. In order to keep the ramp up time to a minimum, it is best to use a thinner wire to create the clapton coils. Clapton coils can also increase the amount of vapor production you should get out of your setup due to the increased surface area which allows for better wicking.

The gist

  • Better flavor than standard coils
  • More surface area
  • More vapor production
  • Longer ramp up time
  • Warmer Vape

Fused Clapton Coils

Fused clapton coils

A Fused clapton coils has two wires parallel(parallel wires) with another wrapped around the parallel wires.

Fused clapton coils have even more flavor than a standard clapton setup. They also have more surface area for better wicking and more vapor production than clapton coils.

Twisted Coils

Twisted coils

Twisted coils are when you have two strands of wires that are twisted together in a weave. Twisted coils give more vapor production and better flavor than a standard coil setup. The flavor intensity is comparable to that of a Clapton setup, but not quite to par in general. Twisted coils usually need less wattage and have a shorter ramp up time than Clapton coils.

Twisted coils are usually with 2 coils or with quad coils. The quad coil variant creates more surface area than a standard twisted coil.

Temperature Control Coils


Nickel wire is one of the methods to use temperature control on devices that support temperature control mode. Nickel wire is the least desired wire for temperature control because of it’s potential harms. Nickel wire is also the hardest wire to work with if you are building your coils yourself.

Nickel CAN NOT be dry burned or used in wattage mode.


Titanium wire is another wire that works with temperature control devices. This is the second most desirable wire to use for temperature control and is safer to use than Nickel.

Titanium CAN NOT be dry burned or used in wattage mode.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel wire is also another wire that works with temperature control vape devices. This is the most desirable wire to use for temperature control and is considered to be potentially the safest option for temperature control wires.

Stainless Steel CAN be dry burned and CAN be used in wattage mode, giving it the most flexibility in temperature control compatible wires. 

Analysis of Coils - The different coils for vaping - Twisted Coils, Claptons & more.

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