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The Best Vape Juice & E Liquid

What makes Clean Vape the best E Liquid?

Our whole principle as a company is to create and promote products which are sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Due diligence has been done to ensure that none of our products contain sucralose, diacetyl and related diketones. We've sourced our ingredients from trusted manufacturers who share a desire to create the safest vape products.

When we started The Clean Vape, there weren't many manufacturers who cared about creating ethical products which were created with the intention of reduced risk. Shortly after we started promoting, it became more popular to try and create products that were more ethical, and we believe we played a role in changing the landscape of the industry.

The Best Vape Juice Flavors

Finding the best flavors in vape juice is a very subjective thing. With all of our own preferences and our own tastes, it's hard to define what is the best tasting vape juice. When we developed our flavors, we wanted to try and create a catalog of flavors with different tastes in mind.

In each category of our flavors (menthol, fruit, dessert), we have created different flavor profiles that we hope cater to different people's preferences and taste buds.

With no clear answer as to what the best vape juice flavors are, it's something that you will have to decide for yourself. The journey every vaper takes in the beginning is to try many different brands and see which flavors you like the most.

With our catalog of 25 E Liquid flavors and 9 Nicotine Salt flavors, we hope you'll find something you like in our collection of e liquids.

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Vape Juice without Sucralose

With the subjectiveness of flavor out of the way, lets talk about sweeteners and sucralose in particular. Sucralose is one of the most common additives in E Liquid that we've found in our reesarch.

Sucralose has a caramelizing effect on your coils, which causes them to degrade faster as well as the flavors of your liquid starting to taste foul.

We've done the best we've can to ensure that flavors remain flavorful, sweet and delicious, without the use of Sucralose to ensure that you have a vaping experience that is pleasurable in the long run and which your coils can last as long as possible.

Sweeteners in Vape Juice

Attention to Detail

We've paid attention to the details as to what classifies as the best vape liquid. We've done our best to ensure that we use high quality nicotine, USP Certified and Kosher Propylene Glycol and USP certified and Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

We've partnered with flavoring manufacturers who have a focus on vaping and creating flavoring products which are intended to be used for vaping with reduced risk.

We were one of the first E Liquid companies who pushed for safer vape products and creating an option for vapers to have vape products without questionable ingredients.

We've formulated our flavors in a 70VG/30PG ratio to ensure the widest range of usability with different vape devices and tanks. For our Nicotine Salts liquids, we use a 60VG/40PG blend which also allows a wide range of use with different pod devices without leaking.

We've done all we can do ensure that we have created the best vape products, now it's just a matter of your personal taste in vape flavors to see if our products can become what you consider the best vape liquid.

Our Best Vape Flavors of 2020

Our most popular flavors that our customers have considered the best for 2020 so far.

Top 7 E Liquid 2020

  • 1. The Clean Vape - Loops

    Loops is a delicious blend of citrusy breakfast cereal with a hint of milk. Our top seller for 2020.

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  • 2. The Clean Vape - Dragonberry Kiwi

    Dragonberry Kiwi is a fruit blend of dragonfruit, strawberry and kiwi. One of our customer favorites, which you can vape all day.

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  • 3. The Clean Vape - Ice Strapple

    For you ice and menthol lovers, this is our most popular iced flavor. Strawberries, apple, cactus and ice. A nice refreshing vape.

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  • 4. The Clean Vape - Thorny Strapple

    Our Ice Strapple flavor without the menthol. Strawberries, apples and cactus mixed together for a juicy and flavorful vape.

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  • 5. The Clean Vape - Purple Cactus

    Purple Cactus is one of our most unique flavors. Grape, cactus and floral hints. Sweet, tart and a hint of floral flavors.

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  • 6. The Clean Vape - Gramberry

    Gramberry is a delicious dessert flavor. Graham crackers, light cinnamon, and strawberry milk. It tastes as good as it sounds!

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  • 7. The Clean Vape - Drahoney Berry

    Drahoney Berry is another fruit flavor we have which is for you honeydew melon lovers. Honeydew Melon, Strawberry and Dragonfruit.

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Top 5 Nicotine Salts 2020

  • 1. The Clean Vape - GoPod Nicotine Salts

    GoPod is our our take on a ripe mango flavor. A simple and flavorful mango fruit flavor. Our top selling nicotine salts for 2020.

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  • 2. The Clean Vape - CoolMel Nicotine Salts

    CoolMel is our iced nicotine salts with honeydew, dragonfruit and strawberry.

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  • 3. The Clean Vape - ApplePod Nicotine Salts

    ApplePod is a simple but delicious apple flavor. Ripe and sweet Fuji Apple which is light yet flavorful.

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  • 4. The Clean Vape - LooPod Nicotine Salts

    Our infamous Loops flavor made into a custom nicotine salts blend. Citrus breakfast cereal with a very light milk.

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  • 5. The Clean Vape - BaccoPod Nicotine Salts

    BaccoPod is a sweet blend of caramel and tobacco. Our take on the classic Ry4 blend.

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